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Flying Insects
If you see flying insects inside your house during the springtime, they are most likely subterranean termites. Call us for a free inspection to identify them. Termites are often look like flying ants.

How Can We Offer 20% Discounts on Termite Treatments?

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   "Save 20% Off Any Other Companies Bid for Termite Treatments"
Image Loading... We provide the same or better level of service as any other pest control company at an affordable price.
Image Loading... We use the same pesticides and termiticides as any other pest control company.
Image Loading... We are fully licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board.
Image Loading... We are insured for both workers compensation and liability.
Image Loading... All of our inspectors and applicators are licensed by the State of California and receive continuing education to stay informed of the latest pest control technology.
Image Loading... We provide your savings by not advertising on television or radio.
Each 30 second commercial you see on television costs over $1,000.00.
Each 30 second commercial you hear on the radio costs over $100.00.
Those costs are passed on to the consumer by our competitors.
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A full page ad in the Yellow Pages can cost over $60,000.00 per year.
Each year more of our customers find us using the Internet which has allowed us to reduce our phone book advertising.
Image Loading... We save money by buying in volume.
We are one of the largest locally owned pest control companies.
We buy our pesticides at a discount from what smaller companies pay.
Image Loading... Our employees do not receive commissions.
We pay all of our employees a salary.
Most pest control companies pay their employees on commission - usually 15-20% of the contract price.
We believe commissions encourage employees to inflate the prices - you decide!

Member of the Better Business Bureau
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